On the right are examples of McRopod Concepts Sports Systems which are available as free downloads.

All McRopod Concepts Sports Systems are MS Excel.

The link below each download icon is to a web site where you can find the results for the respective tournament.

All Sports Systems have macros built in. This means you will likely get a prompt that the file has a macro, and a warning about opening it. The files are virus-free, but it is wise to run them through your own anti-virus program for your peace of mind.

After you have downloaded, you can enter (or vary) any results cell and immediately see what effect that has on the tournament.

You can take a guided tour of a McRopod Concepts Sports System here.

Coming soon:

  • Euro 2020
  • AFC Champions League 2019/20
  • and much, much more!


Scottish Premier League
2019/20 (pre-Split)

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UEFA Champions League
2019/20 (Group Stage)

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