Your McRopod Concepts Sports System will have a Fixtures page on which all the tournament's League, Pool, or Group Fixtures appear. All you need to do is input the score. It does everything else.....

This is what a typical Fixtures page looks like - the fixtures are loaded, all you do is enter the results in the yellow score cells.

After inputting the score, the Sports System automatically calculates the Ladder, Group Tables, or Pool Tables, based on the tournament rules.

If the tournament has a Finals Series, or Second Phase which follows the League, Pool, or Group format First Phase, McRopod Concepts Sports System correctly formats it and advances the qualifying teams or players. Again, all you need to do is input a score, and the Sports System advances the teams or players to their appropriate place in the next round - all the way to the Championship game.

Whether the Finals Series or Second Phase part of your tournament is based on single legs or double legs, whether it requires tiebreakers, or has complex scoring rules, your McRopod Concepts Sports System can manage it all.

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