McRopod Concepts Tournament Design

McRopod Concepts can custom-design a sporting tournament for you. Regardless of the sport or the number of participants, McRopod Concepts can design a tournament to suit your needs.

McRopod Concepts Sports Systems

McRopod Concepts designs computer software programs - Sports Systems. The Sports Systems are designed around either an existing tournament which has competition rules in place or a tournament custom-designed for you by McRopod Concepts.

The Sports System lets you concentrate on running your tournament rather than calculating the results.

All Sports Systems are driven by input scores -everthing else is automatically calculated. Instantly and accurately, every time.

Here's an example of a typical Sports System.

Anyone can operate a McRopod Concepts Sports System but McRopod Concepts provides a hot-line during a tournament as your back-up.

McRopod Concepts Event Management

McRopod Concepts can be your Tournament Director and run your sporting event from first to last if you wish.

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