McRopod Concepts has designed Sports Systems for use in a variety of sports including football, basketball, volley-ball, tennis, table tennis, darts, golf, Australian Rules Football, touch rugby and a swag of others.

McRopod Concepts has designed Sports Systems for use by tournament directors and fans world-wide.

Amongst those sporting organisations using McRopod Concepts Sporting Software are:

Coota Beach is an annual Volleyball competition held in February in the NSW inland city of Cootamundra. McRopod was asked to assist with tournament planning, scheduling, and results-management for the 2011 tournament which had 96 entrants. The Coota Beach tournament is based on teams each playing three seeding games, then being ranked into one of a series of elimination championships, each leading to a Grand Final. McRopod has continued its relationship with Coota Beach Volleyball since then, including catering for its expanded entry numbers, and competition design changes.

The Homeless World Cup is an annual, international football tournament, uniting teams of people who are homeless and excluded to take a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country and change their lives forever. The 2008 HWC was held in Melbourne in December. McRopod donated its services as Pitch Coordinator for activities held in the main stadium at Federation Square.

  • Fox 8 - Football Superstar.

Football Superstar is a reality television series where young footballers vie for a place in the Youth squad of an A-League team. McRopod provides the sporting results management software which determines the ranking of entrants based on their performance of a series of football skills. The top-ranked entrants advance to the next stage in the selection process.

  • National Broomball Championships - Melbourne 2012.

Broomball is an ice-based sport similar to ice-hockey, but not requiring the players to have skating skills as players wear shoes. There are thriving leagues across many Australian cities, and teams compete in an annual National Championship in a number of men's, women's, and mixed grades. In 2012, Melbourne hosted the championships and McRopod provided a game-schedule and draw for use by the organising committee, as well as tournament managment services during competition week.

Football Federation New South Wales is the football administrator for the sport in the State of NSW, Australia's most populous. McRopod supplied the sporting software for each of FFNSW's many Leagues - from semi-pro Premier League, to the junior leagues.

The ACG is an annual multi-sport Games held in Sydney in March each year. McRopod provides sporting software for results-management purposes to suit the ACG's unique tournament technical rules. McRopod also event manages the football in association with the ACG's Football Sport Coordinator.

The VCG is an annual multi-sport Games held in Melbourne in November each year. McRopod provides sporting software for results-management purposes to suit the VCG's unique tournament technical rules. McRopod is also VCG's Football Sport Coordinator, arranging referees, equipment, volunteers, and managing the various football tournaments held on a number of sites.

  • The Sexy Football Show.

The Sexy Football Show was broadcast on Melbourne's Channel 31 at 9:00pm on Thursdays. It took a light-hearted and irreverent look at football internationally, nationally, and in the Victorian Leagues. McRopod provided NSL results and ladders for the panel's use. McRopod was also a sponsor of the show, and an occasional panellist. The Sexy Football crew is taking a break from show-business at present, but may re-activate in a short while.

The Four Diegos is a Melbourne radio show broadcast on Melbourne radio Triple M on Sundays at 6:00pm. It used to broadcast on SEN 1116AM on Saturdays from 10:00pm. The Four Diegos takes a fan's view of the game and celebrates the game nationally and internationally. Regular live phone hook-ups are arranged with famous Aussie footballers playing overseas. McRopod provides A-League results and ladders for the Four Diegos.

  • The Australasian Public Sector Games.

The APSG is a multi-sport Games for employees of Government at its various levels - national, state, and local - and its suppliers in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua-New Guinea. It has been held twice so far, both times in Melbourne. McRopod provided the sporting software for the football tournament, and was event manager for the football.